Relay modules

Wherever people, machines and products must be protected against injury or damage and productivity increased, DOLD relay modules and interlocks have been successfully deployed worldwide for many decades. In addition to a variety of devices with standard functions, DOLD can fall back on many years of experience in developing tailor made and economic problem solving solutions.

SAFEMASTER STS – Complete safety concept

Don't you wish you had a simple TÜV certified safety switch and trapped key interlock system to protect your dangerous working areas? If you are looking for a reliable, expandable, flexible and cost saving solution, then you have found the perfect solution with SAFEMASTER® STS.

PCB relays

To meet the high quality requirements for PCB relays DOLD relies on high production depth, most modern production facilities and employees with decades of experience at out Furtwangen facility - Quality and reliability from a single source. The DOLD development departement focuses mainly on safety relays with forcibly guided contacts. DOLD offers these and standard printed circuit board relays according to customer specifications. What can we do for you?

Safe speed monitoring

The safe speed monitor UH 5947 provides better productivity and safety to the operator by its combination of speed and standstill monitoring. In addition the UH 5947 includes a safe gate monitoring function.


Modular, configurable, safe!

The new modular and configurable safety controller SAFEMASTER PRO of DOLD monitors the safety circuits of your machines and plants. The configuration of the TUEV approved system is done very simple on a PC with the...


Mains and system protection international

With the new voltage and frequency monitor RP 9811 Dold offers a safe und standard-conforming solution for optimal mains monitoring of the energy feed to the public grid.

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The key for more safety

Safety with system. The modular safety switch and trapped key interlockg system SAFEMASTER STS for highest demands.

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